Safety Policy


The human dimension lies at the heart of the activities of our company. As a global pharmaceutical company, we recognize that our employees are our greatest value. Thus, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy Workplace for them and ensuring their well-being and comfort within the working environment. Employees have a right to safety and physical integrity while working on behalf of the Company.

Through this Policy and the continuous improvement and development of our health and safety system, we are particularly committed, and strive to:

  • Develop and maintain safe and healthy workplaces to avoid the risk of accidents and occupational diseases;
  • Identify and analyze the dangers present at our sites to reduce their potential of damaging;
  • Protect our employees as appropriate in cases of emergencies or crises, such as natural disasters or epidemics;
  • Offer our employees adequate working conditions, both in normal and in emergency or crisis situations;
  • Train and inform our employees regularly so that they adopt the right actions for safety in their activities;
  • Respect our legal obligations in terms of Safety at Work and Protection of Health;
  • Respond promptly to situations that may endanger the safety, health, or well-being of our employees;
  • Maintain appropriate communication processes for issues and concerns related to health and safety;
  • Establish clear and simple rules to empower all stakeholders in our organization.


This Policy applies to the entire AADPRI, including all companies and its affiliates, our employees, business partners, and consultants acting on behalf of the AADPRI. The provisions of this Policy may be subject to Amendments if required by local law or regulations, especially where these are more stringent.


We regularly identify material health and safety aspects, define objectives, implement appropriate measures and Monitor results in order to assess our performance. These aspects are included in our business planning, making them an integral part of our operations. Health and safety risks are assessed within the framework of the AADPRI Risk Management process. We continuously review new laws, regulations, and applicable standards in order to conduct business in compliance with all relevant norms. AADPRI Environment Committee, composed of representatives from the headquarters, all production sites, and Major affiliates, oversees safety and health-related issues. Key performance indicators based on internationally accepted standards are used to track relevant health and safety-related performance. Furthermore, AADPRI Pharma Group has implemented best practices on workplace safety, specific safety policies, manuals, applicable procedures, and employee training, where appropriate, to reduce the risk of a workplace injury or harm. Employees shall report potential safety concerns to the local safety officer at the relevant site, their manager, or the Human Resources Department.


The quality and efficacy of AADPRI products must meet precise specifications and follow specific regulations and processes. This includes the evaluation of potential risks to the health and safety of our employees arising from the development and production of the medicinal product. Safety and security measures are one key focus in our research and development, and manufacturing processes. Employees should ensure that safety-related considerations are integrated into product development processes and production.


AADPRI provides publicly available information on its health and safety-related activities. We have specific communication processes and responsibilities in place in case of emergencies or health crises. Our main initiatives and performance related to health and safety are collected and reported as part of the annual Responsibility Highlights Reports.

We are pursuing open communication about health and safety aspects with all our stakeholders. In particular, all our employees are made aware of this Policy, as we expect all employees to follow it and exercise care and caution in their workplace activities. As part of the Suppliers Code of Conduct, we communicate our health and safety requirements and standards to our suppliers and service providers.


This Policy is rooted in recognized industry standards and norms relating to workplace safety. We seek its consistent implementation wherever we operate, having a particular focus on our production sites. Employees are appropriately trained and informed about relevant health and safety measures. As laid down in the Suppliers Code of Conduct, we expect our suppliers and service providers to live up to comparable standards.


Aadpri Ophthalmic Company state of the art facility designed in accordance with the highest level of compliance standards of regulatory agencies like STATE FDA ISO, CE, GMP, GLP, FIEO, GSTIN, IEC, GS1, These certifications will allow Aadpri to be positioned substantially on the Global Map.

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